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Muted by: electraemily
Muted at: 14 October 2017 08:57:21 PM
Reason: Same mute just extended for bypassing!

Previous Bans
ID Reason By On Length Unbanned By At
1 Threatening to DDOS the server. electraemily 23:35:59 11/12/16 Permanent QueenNicole 23:06:50 10/02/17

Previous Mutes
ID Reason By On Length Unmuted By At
1 Disrespecting staff, saying racist slurs etc. gelehalon123 14/10/17 1 week electraemily 12/10/17

ID Reason By On
1 Do not bypass the swear filter. electraemily 01:58:33 12/02/17
2 Do not bypass! gelehalon123 13:11:04 12/10/17
3 Bypassing mute using discord. electraemily 22:52:09 13/10/17
4 Stop bypassing. electraemily 23:24:59 13/10/17

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