Current Server: Village Craft Network

Current Ban
Expires in: Permanent
Banned by: Console
Banned at: 13 January 2018 11:21:18 PM
Reason: antisemitic username.

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Previous Bans
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1 Please change your username to a suitable name. Console 17:20:51 09/01/18 4 weeks, 2 days Console 23:21:18 13/01/18

Previous Mutes
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ID Reason By On
1 Please do not make racist comments. electraemily 02:03:34 23/12/16
2 Please be nice to other players. electraemily 02:16:35 19/01/17
3 Please do not say inappropriate things. electraemily 02:19:45 19/01/17
4 Please do not say racist things. electraemily 03:19:38 20/01/17
5 Please do not spam. electraemily 02:03:19 22/01/17
6 Please do not say innapropriate things in chat (Player report) O_Plazma_O 00:42:19 07/01/18

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