❗️ Important
Official news and announcements.
45 topics
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Last Post: Closed FunFair Build Competition CLOSED
by _Magno20_
23rd Sep 2017, 12:06PM

Server rules!
2 topics
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Last Post: Important Teams/Leader Rules
by GrayAlpha
27th Dec 2016, 5:59PM

MiniMod Appeals - CLOSED
Check for the latest MiniMod News!
2 topics
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Last Post: Closed Summer MiniMod Appeals!! (OPEN)
by eminology
30th Jul 2017, 5:15PM

Team Leaders Appeals - CLOSED
Apply to become a team leader for the new faction teams!
2 topics
18 posts
Last Post: Team Leader Appeals - CLOSED
by KatieGamingSG
21st May 2017, 12:20AM
🕹 Realms
Towny Realms
Towny Realm Discussion.
3 topics
7 posts
Last Post: World Border
by O_Plazma_O
29th Aug 2017, 8:45AM

Activities Realm
Activities Realm Discussion.
1 topics
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Last Post: Activities Realm
by _Magno20_
11th Nov 2016, 10:48AM
🌐 General Discussion
Please talk about friendly topics.
9 topics
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Last Post: Ok
by _Magno20_
2nd May 2017, 1:16PM

Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself to the community!
7 topics
20 posts
Last Post: Hi I'm Jinxx
by _Magno20_
22nd Sep 2017, 8:49AM

YouTube Video Showcase
Share your VCN Minecraft videos here!
2 topics
6 posts
Last Post: Example: Check out the trailer made in VC4
by _Magno20_
25th Jan 2017, 1:07PM

Show off your creations on the server here!
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Last Post: Share server related screenshots here!
by _Magno20_
7th Jan 2017, 5:03PM

Please leave suggestions or new ideas! We can't guarantee we will add a new suggestion or idea. But sometimes we do!
5 topics
10 posts
Last Post: Stahp
by _Magno20_
20th Sep 2017, 8:58AM
❓ Support
Rank Issues
Have you lost your rank or missing permissions?
2 topics
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Last Post: Rank Issues
by _Magno20_
6th Dec 2016, 11:29PM

Frequently asked questions answered here.
4 topics
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Last Post: Question 1.12 Information
by _Magno20_
3rd Jul 2017, 9:01AM

Need help with something else? Ask here!
5 topics
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Last Post: Resolved griefer
by _Magno20_
19th Jul 2017, 9:57AM

Bug Reports
Found a bug/problem then please report it here!
5 topics
13 posts
by _Magno20_
22nd Jul 2017, 7:35AM
🔨 Ban/Mute/Jail appeals
Ban/Mute/Jail Appeals
You can appeal here if you have been Banned/Muted/Jailed unfairly.
5 topics
15 posts
Last Post: Approved Mute Appeal
by _Magno20_
31st Jul 2017, 8:15AM
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