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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » 11 months ago

Hello Villagers,

1.12 UPDATE IS HERE! You can now use them super cool terracotta blocks in the Towny Realm!  ;) 

Activities Realm is now just the Lobby to hold players while server reloads. I have decided to close skywars and creative mode plots building due to lack of interest. This means we will focus more resources in the towny realm! 

Guess what!! The world has been expanded! 

New Changes:
- New Random TP - (MORE RANDOM)
- Tree Chop - Improvements. 
- Easy links - /website /links
- Weather change - Less rain!
- Plugins Updated for 1.12
- World Expansion. 
- More little updates for later :) 

Known broken commands/plugins:
- /mail - Use /email for now.
- Colour Tags
- There might be some more little commands. All major important features are working! 


Kind Regards,