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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » 9 days ago
Hello Village Crafters,

The spooky Mini-Mod appeals have landed! 🎃  👻  Click Me...

Kind Regards,



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IGN: Commander_DREW
By Commander_DREW » 9 days ago




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IGN: SweetPoteyto
By SweetPoteyto » 9 days ago

What is your Minecraft username?
SweetPoteyto :)

Where are you from? (Please only say the country)

What is your Discord name? 
tey*black heart*

What staff members are you acquainted with? (Does not affect chances)
Emily, Gele, Mag, Plaz, Lou, Julia, Katie

Do you have any past staff experience?
no lol

What key skills can you offer? e.g Building/Artist/Support 
i can support

Why do you think you deserve MiniMod?
not necessarily deserve, I just want to try it out, see what i can accomplish as staff, and decide if i like it or not. I also just really love this server and would love to help and see it grow.

Tell us more about yourself!
I love video games
I'm a freshman in highschool
i'm 15
i hate homework (can someone do it for me pls thx)
music is the only thing that gives me joy
i want to be a youtuber when i'm older

Tey <3