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IGN: Raspudean
By Raspudean » 9 months ago

What is the reason you were banned/muted?
For joking about mental health and being rude to the players and staff which were online at the time.

Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?
I have been a player on the server for a little while now and have remained active even whilst being muted. I even donated 2 times while I was still muted. But I'm not mentioning this as a reason to be unmuted. I am only mentioning this as it is proof that I like the server enough to invest real life money. I am sorry for saying the R word to razzy. And I am also sorry for being disrespectful to the staff. I have truly learned my lesson and have learned that it isn't ok to say rude things. This will not ever happen again. It really isn't fun playing while being muted. I feel excluded from the community. I would like to be able to enjoy the minecraft experience the server has to offer and I feel like the best way to enjoy the experience is by being un muted. I am so so sorry for making insensitive jokes and comments and hope you can forgive me. I have learned my lesson and I will follow every single rule from here on out/