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IGN: YesIamMak
By YesIamMak » 9 months ago

So to start i guess ill tell you about me personally.
Im 17 years old, female and from Australia, i enjoy gaming and drawing as well as building computers and other tech things.

I started playing Vc back around VC4 when Nicole was just starting as Mini-mod and i played for ages, but then life took over and i went through a tough time and stopped coming on the server, but now im back and im glad to say that i am happy and enjoying life.

I aim to play as much as i can and im always up for a chat! So dont be afraid to talk to me or ask for help!


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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » 9 months ago
A warm welcome back to the server!! Wow that was a long time ago when Nicole was a Mini-Mod!! Perhaps you would like to help contribute to the wiki by adding new towns or any towns you might remember from VC4. 

Kind Regards,