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By TOAO » 8 months ago
So me and everyone in my town got kicked from it or something for some reason. And now, because everyone but madmax got kicked from the town 'legendale', I cannot do /t spawn, and get access to my stuff. I'm worried that I'll be robbed of everything I had and lose a lot of hard-earned resources, and wish to find some way to get access to my stuff again. Please help! I have like 10+ chests full of wood, ores, ingots, diamonds, vote crate drops, and etc..!


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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » 8 months ago
A member of staff with the correct power will be able to help you get into your chests and items again! Don't worry!! I will let staff know to help you if they can get online at the same time as you are.  Sadly the town fell under ruins which means they didn't pay their town bank so it closed. They are starting up again and i'm sure if you see one of their town staff they will add you back. 

Kind Regards,