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IGN: Chiipasa
By Chiipasa » 4 months ago
     InfinityFluffs is obviously the one and only Lemon Lime King. He rules the land of Lemon Limantis, located in Oakville, owned by O_Plazma_O, and co-owned by the Lemon Lime King himself, InfinityFluffs. Rumor says Lemon Limantis was the old Oakville, and soon perished due to the disease Pepsisitis B. The ruler InfinityFluffs stands by O_Plazma_O's side to this day, assisting him at any moment needed.

     The Lemon Lime king is said to have a passed down Purple Sweater, once worn by O_Plazma_O himself. He also is said to have A yellow banner with a green F, colors representing Lemon Lime, on his head. You may ask "What does the F stand for?" Why, Fluffles, of course. Fluffles is the nickname given by InfinityFluffs leader, O_Plazma_O. InfinityFluffs has used the name to this day.


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