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IGN: legocarrot
By legocarrot » 6 months ago

What is the reason you were banned/muted?
I was recently muted for (Upsetting and provoking players.) by head admin electricemily

Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?
First off, i am NOT​ appealing to be fully unmated, i am appealing to have my time reduced to 15 hours and continuously less as the punishment is served
i have recently re-read up on the server rules and have accepted that i (Main rules section 7:Do not disrespect player or staff) disrespected a player that was in jail by teasing at the fact that i could let him out but wouldn't, it was not fully my intention or to my knowledge in the rules tho i do accept what i did, i also accept the fact that i (Chat rules section 9: Do not threaten or harass players) harassed this player by teasing him, but when i was asked to leave him alone i did just that and left the area then Mod (Rhi) came online and talked to me, i accepted what i did was wrong with her and that the way i acted to jake was unexceptable, i have had some time to think about it and am requesting my 1 day 11 hour mute sentence be reduced to 15. I've accepted what i did was wrong and when i was asked to leave jake alone i did then an mod came online and muted me even though i left him alone when asked to. i appeal for a sentence reduction, thank you for reading. (i am also willing to negotiate for a smaller reduction if the person considering would like to talk, my discord is Alexei Coe #4306)


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IGN: gelehalon123
By gelehalon123 » 6 months ago
I'll change the mute to 24 hours instead, considering this isn't your first mute :)