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By _Magno20_ » 10 months ago
Hello Villagers,

Today I am happy to share with everyone that VCN is officially 6 years old! I want to thank every player that has helped and contributed to the server with towns, building, staff and supporting us! VCN 

I share with everyone some old screenshots going through the years. They don't cover all the VC maps, but small glimpses looking back.

You can view all the old VC maps here: Click Me...

This screenshot is one of the first times I used world edit and I am duplicating a house at VC1 spawn.

The first Christmas of VC4. We took a selfie screenshot at spawn.

A picture of VC4 in Haven. Myself Nicole and Joey (Co-Owners) relaxing on the beach.

A Mini-Mod election taking place.

Another Mini-Mod election taking place.

A group of players having fun roleplaying while in Haven.

All the best for 2018! 

Kind Regards,