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IGN: Wereti
By Wereti » 7 months ago
- I've played on this server since vc4, spent countless hours and made a lot of friends. I wasn't fully aware of the consequences of downloading my house and a few other nearby chunks. I had no idea that it was a bannable offense and I have since completely deleted and removed the client that I used to download my house. I didn't try to download anyone else's personal work, or spawn, or anything of the sort. I was just trying to save that world and load it into another server so that I could duplicate my house without having to go through the hassle of remaking it manually. I'm sorry, and I also feel as though the countless hours and dollars that I have spent on this server should support my case of being unbanned. Thank you for reviewing this appeal.

Sincerest apologies,
~ Wereti


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IGN: electraemily
By electraemily » 7 months ago
We're reviewing this now! Thank you for appealing and we'll get back with you within a couple days or less :)