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By _Magno20_ » 6 months ago
Hello Village Crafters,

*** 1.13.2 has been release. The same procedure will happen with 1.13.2. It's recommended to keep to 1.12. The server will allow 1.13.2 logins but isn't ready for 1.13.2.

As you all know 1.13 has just been released.

This update is huge! Compared to updates before, Mojang has made some major changes to Minecraft. The server software that is used on most Minecraft servers hasn't been finished for production.  I have written the steps on how updating for Minecraft servers work.

1. Server software needs to be updated to 1.13. As of today, there is no stable version finalised. 

2. Once a stable version of 1.13 is ready for Minecraft, servers plugin developers will start to update their plugins. This is also happening now with the early version of 1.13. Though this step can take longer as not all plugin developers update their plugins quickly. Not all developers will continue their plugins into 1.13 and some changes may need to be made. Server plugins are the mods that give VCN fun commands such as the towny commands for claiming townland.

3. Once we get a stable 1.13 server software release and plugins that work with 1.13. I can prepare a private test server. This stage can also take time to prepare to ensure that any unexpected server bugs and crashes are removed. During this stage I may replace or temporarily remove certain features, changes will be shared on this blog. I will only go live once I am certain the server is as good quality as of our 1.12 version.

Right Now: Server accept 1.13 login connections. This means you can use 1.12 or higher to log in to VCN. This doesn't mean we're are officially running 1.13. i recommend you stay on 1.12 for now.


Is the world going to be regenerated? 
I want to keep our current world as is. I love all the towns that everyone has created. My goal is to expand the borders which should generate new 1.13 biomes.

When will 1.13 officially come to VCN?
This date is far away. I can't predict that at all since the official 1.13 Minecraft software version we use hasn't released a stable version yet.

What features will get removed?
This is still unknown but I will share changes before the server goes live to 1.13.

Why can't you just update to 1.13?
Servers are always the last to update when Mojang updates their game. Mojang builds the foundations of the game where the Minecraft community builds and adapts from. Sadly this takes more time. This update is very similar to how 1.8 was handled. That update took a few months from Mojang's original release. 

What is your favorite mob in 1.13?
I love the new turtles!! 🐢


Kind Regards,