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IGN: Hyltostar101
By Hyltostar101 » 3 months ago

What is the reason you were banned/muted?
I was muted for obvious reasons. Being rude, breaking server chat rules, and also being overly inappropriate  towards a staff member, (Sorry, Glitter, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable) and I understand that it was wrong of me to do as such.

Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?
Truthfully, it tears me apart to not be capable of speech. Not being able to talk to people I missed desperately, not being able to access mail systems, and I understand how terrible I've been, how arrogant, prideful, and rude I had been. Regardless if I agreed or disagreed with your views, I should have respected them, and left it at that. The amount of vulgarity was unacceptable, I understand that. That was not right of me to do that, and I understand your reasoning. I'm just asking to be unmuted now, after almost four months, so I can add to the community again. I promise I will not break those rules any more, and if I have an issue, I will settle it peacefully rather than cause disputes. I have learned my lesson, and I will not do it again. Please consider this.


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IGN: PlazmaKG
By PlazmaKG » 2 months ago
Unfortunately, your mute appeal has been denied by most staff members. You can always try submitting a new appeal in a few months time!

You are always welcome to log on and play!