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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » about 1 month ago

Happy Halloween Village Crafters!

We have a special Ghost Scavanager hunt! There are 40 ghost skulls to find located throughout many towns. You can find the Ghost skulls located around selected Town Spawns and spawn.

Be aware that this Scavanager Hunt is hard! If you complete it and find all 40 you will be rewarded with a rare limited edition Halloween Blaster Mk II. It is an upgrade from those who got last years blaster.

You can find them in the current towns:

Spawn x 5

Haven x 5

Blazendel x 5 

Plazstone x 5

Oakville x 5 

Southside x 5

Avis x 5

Westport x 5 

Ghost Skulls look like the followng: 

This event will end on the 9th November 2018.

Good luck!

Kind Regards,



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IGN: Ozzylad123
By Ozzylad123 » about 1 month ago
I did it!
I found all the Ghosts!! And I did it first!!!