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By TARDIS4096 » about 1 month ago
Hi, TARDIS4096 (or BrigadierElvar) here,

I logged onto the server this morning to find that I was no longer the Mayor of the town Acteriendia, which I had created, made the land claims for and done a significant amount of the building in. Another member of my collab group, who is now the sole Mayor, claims that an admin did this while I was offline? What is going on here....and how can I be again made the lead Myor of the town I created?

Secondly, the town is now part of a nation called British_Empire, which isn't what we joined (we joined Ozzy's nation, I think Ustria).

Can someone please come and sort this out for me? It's really annoying me that having created and worked on this town, suddenly all this has happened whilst I was offline.

Thanks in advance,


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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » about 1 month ago

After looking through historical town data it does appear you created the town (18th Nov 2018) and I have changed you to the town mayor. It sounds like what happened the player fireboy50 requested to become the mayor of your town. He was claiming he new you and had permission to become the mayor as you were not active and start building the town. I appologise for the confusion in having your mayor status removed while you were inactive. I have visited the town and it appears he has started to build. I can rollback any changes and await your responce. 

Now as Mayor you can leave the current nation with "/n leave" and join the nation of your choice. You may need to ask the Owner of Ustria to join that nation. I can't seem to change the nation for your town, sorry about that.

Kind Regards,