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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » over 2 years ago
❮ General Info ❯

1) You are not a staff member! You are a Team Leader for your faction.
2) You must not "Act" as a staff member.
3) You don't get any special permissions as a team leader other than controlling your faction.
4) You may get demoted as team leader or even banned if any of these server rules or team leader rules are broken.

❮ PVP/Raid/Grief Rules 

5) DO NOT kill innocent players. 
6) DO NOT claim over/next to a town using your faction claim power. Faction claim land must be in the wilderness far from any town/outpost etc.
7) If you are griefed by another team you must not get "upset" and take as a game.
8) You must not swear or get upset towards over team members/players. It's just a GAME!
9) You must include all of your team and treat them equally. Give them roles.
10) You may raid/greif other team bases.
11) You may kill enemies in pvp combat. (This does not deliberate killing). 
12) You must not target individuals and deliberately kill them. Players have the choice to turn PVP off.
13) Spawn killing is not allowed. Don't hide in claimed land area to gain an advantage. 
14) Please do not kick players out of your faction. They choose to be there!
15) Please built your base on normal build height. E.g not above bedrock height in the nether.
16) Please don't make your base "op" such as diamond blocks and powerful blocks. Base needs to be fair. Don't build sky bases. etc.

If you would like to leave please let staff know! We will either do a quick election or select a runner up to take your place.

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IGN: GrayAlpha
By GrayAlpha » over 2 years ago
Please, please, please listen to these rules and take them seriously! We do not want to have to demote any team faction leader for breaking rules. You were specifically picked for the position because we do not think you will! Have fun!