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🔨 Rules  🔨
Last Updated 14th October 2018.

Every rule must be followed in order to have the best experience on the Village Craft Network

 🙏 The Power Rules 🙏 

These rules are the most important to follow in keeping peace and equilibrium

1.  Respect Others 

  • No rude or inappropriate language.

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2. Chat Nicely

  • No rude or inappropriate language.

  • Keep swearing to a minimum. 

3. Play Fair

Don't use cheat with mods or exploits to give you an advantage.

​🗺 Rule Chart 🗺

❮ Global Rules ❯ 

• Staff word is law. You may argue an unfair punishment on the forums.
• Griefing/Stealing in or near a town/borders is not allowed.
• Griefing and stealing in the wild is allowed.
• Handing out items in creative gamemode (Player or Staff) is untolerated. 
• Do not claim a town or outpost too close to another town or spawn.
• Modifications and Hacked Clients are not allowed. (Unless in the approved list below.)
• Respect all players & staff.
• Do not ask for ranks, permissions, money, or items.
• AFK pools are not allowed.
• No duplicating items.
• No exploiting in anyway. (If an exploit is found, report it to _Magno20_)

❮ Chat Rules ❯

• Please keep to English language in Global chat.
• Please keep swearing at a minimum. 
• Advertising is not allowed.
• Please keep with short nicknames. 
• If you continue to be rude whilst in the mute channel you could be temporarily banned. 
• Do not use racist, discriminative or sexist slurs.
• Inappropriate names, skins, pet names, and capes are not allowed.
• Roleplay is allowed. ❨Keep to Local chat.❩
• Threats or Harassment is NOT tolerated.
• Have a players permission before giving them a nickname.

❮ Towny PVP ❯

• TP killing is not allowed, unless agreed upon by the people involved.
• Killing players while in creative gamemode/fly mode is not allowed.
• Using /fly while in combat is not allowed.
• No traps are allowed in the wild, or surrounding a town border.
• Both towns must agree to a war in order for one to be fought!
• If you wish to not be involved in PVP, please use /pvp.

❮ Faction PVP  ❯

• Faction wars are decided by the Faction leaders only.
• Faction PVP is a choice, choosing to join a faction is a choice.
• If you wish to not be involved in PVP, please use /pvp.

❮ Modified Clients ❯

• Any game modification that has gameplay advantage is not allowed. If in doubt please ask a staff member.
• Hacking once will result in a permanent ban. 


  • Optifine
  • MiniMap
  • Shaders Mods
  • Capes Mods
  • Better Animations/Player Animations Mods

Not Approved

•Client Mods: The use of unapproved modifications to your client when connected to our Server.
•Hacked Clients: The use of any sort of hack or hacked client.
•Resource Packs: The use of a resource pack to give you an advantage ❨ X-Ray resource packs, etc. ❩

Please note:  All rules apply to Staff & Players! Rank transfers are not allowed!

❮ Other ❯
• Staff can provide evidence and reason for punishment.
• Respect and listen to staff, they are there to enforce rules.
• When the rules are broken, your account will be punished.
• Be ethical within the server and discord!
• Do not surpass any punishments. It may result in your punishment being increased or even made permanent.
• Evidence must always be provided when it comes to punishment or accusations. (Screenshots & Logs).
• If you are banned or muted for a long period of time or permanently, you can make a ban/mute appeal.
• Disrespecting staff will result in a mutes. (Argue appeal on forum).
• If a staff member is power abusing, or breaking any rules report it to Magno20.

Kind Regards,