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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » about 1 year ago
Hello Village Crafters,

Over the next few days/weeks I will begin to introduce a new Premium Rank. The name is not yet confirmed.

This rank will be a replacement to the current Legend rank. This does NOT mean you you will lose your rank! That would be criminal! 

Legend, Elite and Guardian will no longer be available in the future. I have not given a date yet until I know the next ranks are working to a good standard. 

The Elite/Guardian replacements ranks will be released later, but the Legend replacement will be coming in the coming days/weeks.

You Premium Rank will not be removed. No need to worry!! It just means we won't be selling Legend, Elite and Guardian rank with its permissions anymore. We will allow you to upgrade your rank to the new corresponding rank when available. This will be optional to you.



Why are we doing this?

I personally want to introduce a new ranking structure that keeps gameplay balanced for both free and players that want to support the server.

What is going to happen?

Commands that are game changing will not be available to premium ranks. We are sticking to cosmetic/fun commands that Mojang wants to enforce to all online servers.

Why is this happening now?

It takes time to develop new ranks and plan for what fun abilities are given.  Especially when updates are released every 5 minutes! I want VCN to be equal for all! I understand that everyone can't support the server. For the players that love VCN and can upgrade to a Premium rank to show their love and support, they will be rewarded with fun cosmetic powers.

It's not fair as Legend, Elite and Guardians will still have more power!

This is a question I have been struggling to find a solution for. It would be criminal to take away people's current Premium Ranks. They will have the option to upgrade to their corresponding rank. It will be down to them if they want to upgrade. If their power is used against other players incorrectly then punishment commands will be used. For example a Grief in a player town with creative mode they could be banned or temporarily banned. 

If you have further questions feel free to talk to me!


NEW Pet Plugin!

No more "Head Pets" Legends can now use a brand new pet plugin like we used to have before 1.11!

Just type /pet or use your Vortex Manipulator! 

Please note: Depending on areas on the map where mob spawning is off pets may not appear. Pets will not show in spawn, but towns will be fine.

Kind Regards,