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By _Magno20_ » about 1 year ago
Hello Village Crafters,

Minecraft has gone live with 1.12!! 

Yay! :D 

Due to server plugins needing to be updated we will have to wait a little while for 1.12.


When will VCN update to 1.12?
We will update once we have prepared server plugins. Please be aware that some gameplay features may have to be removed/replaced for the first few weeks/months of updating to 1.12. There is no official date yet, however, we will update! Please keep checking this site for the latest news.

Will the map be reset and VC9 introduced into the Towny Realm?
NOPE! We do NOT want to reset the map for 1.12 at all. Your towns/homes are safe! ZERO PLANS FOR VC9!

I can log in with 1.12 but can't use new items/blocks?
We will allow players to log in with 1.12 but due to the realms not officially running 1.12 you can not use these new items/blocks yet.

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