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IGN: _Magno20_
By _Magno20_ » 12 months ago

Hello Village Crafters,

Today I launch Titan, Ultra and Hero premium ranks. 

These ranks bring newly balanced gameplay experience. We have removed many gameplay advantage commands such as creative mode and flying mode. 

Towny Realm is moving towards are new survival based experience where gameplay will be the exact same from new guests to premium players. 

Legend/Elite/Guardian kits are now disabled. We have made a new kit called "everyone" which is for all players! There is also another new Kit called "Food" which is for everyone! To get rare items use the crates which everyone can use! 

To buy a new rank visit the following link: Click me...

Rank Cave: Free Upgrades to Existing Premium Rank Owners!

Currently, it is down to each player to decide if they want to upgrade. However, we strongly suggest you upgrade to get access to the latest permissions and features!

Legend -> Titan
Elite -> Ultra
Guardian -> Hero

Players can upgrade their premium ranks at /warp Upgrades

  • Commands like /kits /game modes and /fly are now disabled
  • You won't have the same permissions. 
  • You can not get your old rank back once upgraded. 
Make sure to read all the signs before upgrading! Please check the shop items to view the new commands.

Paint on a frame!

[NEW] Brand new feature! - Titan RANK REQUIRED! 

You will be able to buy an Easel + Canvas at the /warp Gallery

Use these canvas paintings to make your own decoration/paintings. 

The Louvre  - Art Gallery

We will feature some of the best artwork in this Gallery located at /warp Gallery

You will be able to buy an Easel and more Canvases here! These items need to be placed in your home for them to work.

Kind Regards,