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Guides VCN Bank

Image inside the /warp bank at VC8 Spawn.

The VCN Bank allows players to store in-game money, ExP, items and take out loans.

To open the bank at any time use this command: /bank open. This command will open a GUI where you can select the following options below:


Store your money inside the VCN Bank! The main reason to why you would want to store your money in the VCN Bank is so you can gain interest.

If you are playing online you will recieve a higher interest rate compared to when you are offline.


Gain more inventory space! The VCN Bank will give you a free slots to store the bank. This is not to be confused with /pv or /vault. This is a new system where you can keep upgrading to store more items.

A slot is 1 x square. These will cost in-game money, but allow you to store many items without the need of a chest.


Store Exp inside the VCN Bank and also gain interest! If you are online you will gain more interest than offline. If you are saving up for an enchantment on an item this is a great place to do so.


Loans offer new and old players the chance to take gain in-game money fast. This might be useful for players who want to start a new town or a nation.

You can take out a maxium of 30,000 coins from the bank. Interest may also be added. If you decide not to pay any of the loan back you will be jailed for a set time.


Use /bank to view a list of commands. Visit /warp bank building at spawn.