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Cities CenturyTA
CenturyTA Nov 2017.jpg

Century taken by 16.png _Magno20_

Founder 16.png GeoffTheDinosaur
Nation Ustria
Ruins? No
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
StarGate? No
Coordinates X=-513
Dimension VC8
Nearest warp spawn
Version VC8
Map link



Century was created in VC8 by 16.png GeoffTheDinosaur.

First city on the server to feature its own metro system using the CARTS system.

Largest city and capital in the Ustria Nation.


September 1st - Century is founded.

September 4th - Century obtains its first CARTS station, near to the ocean.

September 16th - Century grows to Hamlet status.

September 25th - Hamlet was renamed CenturyTA (Century Transportation Agency)

October 1st - CenturyTA grows to Town status.

October 2nd - CenturyTA and Emerald_Cove complete the first overground CARTS Rail Connection, overseen by the CTA.

October 4th - CenturyTA grows to Large Town status.

October 19th - CenturyTA grows to City status.

October 20th - CenturyTA obtains its first outpost, in the ocean. Doing nothing suspicious.

October 21st - CenturyTA grows to Large City status.

October 27th - CenturyTA grows to Metropolis status.


Century Origins - Created 1st September 2017.