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Guides Chestshops

A simple, yet very powerful system for making physical shops using signs and chests.

Admin Shop just means that a shop has unlimited resources and was created by staff. You are welcome to buy and sell items from it.


You must be in survival and a Trusted player to build a chest shop. Also please remember to have enough money when you are selling items. When you sell an item money will be removed from your /money into their /money.

Items needed:

1 x Sign

1 x Chest

Some kind of wall or frame to hang the sign from.

How to buy or sell from a Chest Shop?

Make sure to have enough money in your /money.

Left Click to Sell, you must have the item in your inventory!

Right Click to Buy the item, you must have enough money!


ChestShops are very easy to make!

Simply place a chest with a signpost above it as shown in the screenshot below.

The format of the ChestSop is very important otherwise it wont work.

1st line: Blank. 2nd line: Quantity 3rd line: Buy and Sell cost. 4th line: Question mark (Allows you to set the item you want to sell when sign is completed).
Sign format:

1st Line: This line is blank.

2nd Line: Quantity

3rd Line: Buy and Sell amounts.

4th Line: Question mark = Allows you to then hit the sign with the item you are holding for you to sell that item.


1st Line:

2nd Line: 1

3rd Line: B 10 : S 5

4th Line: ?

16.png Ozzylad123 creating a chestshop in Westport.