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Cities Haven
VC8 Haven.png

One of the oldest & largest Cities in VCN!

Founder 16.png QueenNicole
Contributors 16.png _Magno20_, 16.png _Joey_4, 16.png iKlunGo, 16.png Mittyxox, 16.png JustKatiie, 16.png imloulou, 16.png Owlel, 16.png GrayAlpha, 16.png SugarPie123, 16.png BrandonTy, 16.png Tanner23, 16.png GoudaOrCheddar, 16.png DanielThorndyke, 16.png Minettee, 16.png Tpilot, 16.png aliensmatt, 16.png willem_s, 16.png Elysabeth, 16.png Riley999999999, 16.png luke30399, 16.png Elmoo32, 16.png GhostieChan , 16.png TGladiator, 16.png QueenAils, 16.png aflo, 16.png Gelehalon123, 16.png Limmie, 16.png Lucy_Z11, 16.png Twistterss, 16.png Crystallica
Nation Olus
Ruins? No
Category Cities
Rail link? Yes
StarGate? Yes
Coordinates X=-8541
Dimension VC8
Nearest warp Unknown
Version VC4, VC5, VC6, VC8
Map link


Haven was founded by 16.png QueenNicole in the early days of VC4 and soon became one of the biggest and most successful towns of Village Craft history! Haven was also Co-Owned by 16.png _Joey_4. There have been 4 versions of Haven throughout Village Craft history!

There was never a VC7 Haven created. There were plans to have a VC4 Haven recreated in VC7, but this was never done. 16.png _Magno20_  later followed these plans and recreated VC4 Haven in VC8. You can still find builds in VC8 Haven that have been taken from older generation Haven towns.

During VC8 16.png _Magno20_ decided to bring the town back to life and turn it into one of the biggest versions of Haven. He has since completed this goal in size.

Current Town Staff

These players below are the current active staff members of the town.

To become a staff member of Haven town you must first help our residents with finding plots! This may also include building homes on empty plots.

Mayors: 16.png QueenNicole, 16.png _Magno20_ 

Assistants: 16.png Minettee, 16.png Gelehalon123, 16.png Lucy_Z11, 16.png Twistterss


22nd September 2017 - The settlement Cave (Owned by 16.png Lucy_Z11) became the Second Outpost for VC8 Haven.

18th September 2017 - A new Haven Metro system was established.

5th September 2017 - The Town Zyphox became the first VC8 Haven Outpost.

July 2017 - The town began to expand and many new players were invited. Later on the town became public allowing anyone to join.

July 2017 - The town began to expand and many new players were invited. Later on the town became public allowing anyone to join.

2nd May 2017 - 16.png _Magno20_ gained permission from 16.png QueenNicole to start recreating a brand new Haven based on the old VC4 version.

Historical Records Needed.

10th April 2017 - A freak tornado hit one of the coasts of Haven leaving many residents with destroyed homes and forcing them to have to move to the other side of town.

Map Links

Haven Memorial Gallery

Haven Render - 25th September 2017 - VC8
Haven Spawn Metro - Created 18th September 2017. 
VC8 - Haven City
VC6 Haven Spawn

VC5 3rd Haven Spawn
VC5 2nd Haven Spawn
VC5 1st Haven Spawn
VC4 Halloween Town - A special town was created for residents to enjoy for the spooky season. View the map http://village-craft-network.net/Maps/#VC4/0/23/100014/5362/64
10th April 2017 - A freak tornado damaging homes off one of the cost lines in VC4 Haven.
22nd June 2014 - PinkDay
VC4 Haven - The original Haven spawn being decorated for a new event. VC8 Haven is based off this town spawn design.