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Cities Oakville
OakVille May 2018.jpg

Screenshot taken 22nd May 2018

Founder 16.png PlazmaKG
Contributors >>> Co-Mayor <<<

16.png Chiipasa

>>> Assistants <<< 16.png christiancool10 and 16.png Shirrko

>>> Sheriffs <<< 16.png nikhildns and 16.png lpyro96

>>> Helper <<< 16.png ThirstyPolarBear

Nation Spensonia
Ruins? No
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? true
Public build? false
Boat link? No
StarGate? Yes
Coordinates X=1076
Dimension VC8
Nearest warp Oakstop
Version VC8
Map link



Oakville became a town that is very happy about adding new players, and giving players lots of room to build what they wish in the town. Oakville was started in October of 2017 and grew lots since that date. Oakville is the current capital of Spensonia, Succeeding the town of Plazstone.

Oakville in the present day, is by far the biggest town in Spensonia and the capital, Coming close to 180 members as of May 21st, 2018.


Oakville currently has 4 active districts. It has the main part, the Rural Oakville (Formally known as Ustria which started the Ustria Nation), Randleton which was claimed after it died by Plazstone and later switched to Oakville, and Oakville's Altis Island.

Oakville also has 2 other districts. Northton which is 16.png Chiipasa's district, and The older and newer gnerations of the failed town, Zornox. 16.png PlazmaKG may decide to secede the newer Zornox from Oakville to form it's own town again. this topic will be updated later.


Front lawn of the Spensonia National Space Agency (SNSA).
The central part of Oakville.
The Rural district of Oakville.


Oakville has Districts, Oakville isn't generaly one town. It does have a main peice (which is modern and is where the town spawn and the global town stargate is) But it has it's own stargate system to big districts of Oakville such as Randleton and a stargate to the Oakstop Shop.

The Oakstop Shop is a shop located in Oakville that has some things that the global server shop does not have. It is available to anyone no matter what town/nation they are in, and any one can get to it using /warp Oakstop on the server.

Oakville has the Space station building of SNSA (Spensonia National Space agency) For the nation of Spensonia. (Currently WIP).

Other Notes

-If you don't have a town, you and everyone else are welcome to join Oakville, just do /t join Oakville on the server!

-If you don't like the modern themeing of Oakville, you're welcome to check out Plazstone, 16.png PlazmaKG's other town.

- Please message 16.png PlazmaKG on discord if...

* You have a suggestion on what to add Oakville

* There is a problem in Oakville (such as building perms etc)

* There is something you want me to add to /warp Oakstop in Oakville

* You would like a bigger plot size inside of Oakville (If you are a resident)