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Cities Plazstone

Pueblo Para todos personas.

Founder 16.png PlazmaKG(16.png MahaustyKG)
Contributors >>> Co-Mayors <<<

16.png LoveEmm(16.png LoveDraco) and 16.png Bluesting_Stone

>>> Assistants <<< 16.png OpalSuture, 16.png Favenom, and 16.png CelloBeast

Nation Spensonia
Ruins? No
StarGate? Yes
Coordinates X=-960
Dimension VC8
Nearest warp Unknown
Version VC8
Map link



Founded by 16.png PlazmaKG in VC8. Plazstone is the 4th largest town on the server and was the former capital of Spensonia. Plazstone was started by 16.png PlazmaKG and 16.png Bluesting_Stone on January of 2017, The owner doesn't remember the exact day.


Early render of Plazstone.


Plazstone was the original capital of Spensonia being succeeded by Oakville. Plazstone has many structures and builds for the sake of Spensonia, not itself! It has things like the Spensonia railroad in the nether, some older towns like Randleton and Ashburn, and the Spensonia National Bank!

Other Notes

+If you don't have a town, you and everyone else are welcome to join Plazstone, just do /t join Plazstone on the server!

+If you don't like the general themeing of Plazstone, you're welcome to check out Oakville, 16.png PlazmaKG's primary town.

+Please message 16.png PlazmaKG on discord if...

- You have a suggestion on what to add Plazstone

- There is a problem in Plazstone (such as building perms etc)

- If you would like access to the farm in Plazstone (If you are a resident

- You would like a bigger plot size inside of Plazstone (If you are a resident)