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Map These are historical Map worlds that have existed in Village Craft. You are also able to view each map rendered in a Google Maps like view. See each map below for the link.


History of Maps we've had throughout Village Craft Network history.

Every new map that we have ever had in the Towny Realm starts with VC(number). VC stands for Village Craft with the version of the map. The current version is VC8.

Many players will record their login birthday to the version of the map. This allows players to know when you join the server.

Up Coming Map Resets

16.png _Magno20_ VC8 will be our home for now! With the use of a World Border I can keep control of the map size. Over time we will increase the size of the map.

To this day 7th June 2018 - there are NO planned map resets for a VC9.

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