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Titan is the highest premium rank available in the Towny Realm.


Towny Realm:

ArtMap - Paint on item frames! [NEW]

Elevators - Construct eleavtors for your buildings! [NEW]

Gates - Construct gates for your buildings! [NEW]

Colour Codes - Chat/Nicknames/Messages

✓ Bold/Italics - on sign posts!

✓ Vortex Manipulator - Pets/Particles/Gadgets/Disguise

✓ /EnderChest - Access your EnderChest!

✓ Glowing Effect

✓ 5 Player Vaults!

✓ 5 Set Homes!

✓ /Me

✓/Hat - Equip custom items as hats!

✓ /Book - Make a locked book editable.

✓ /Book Author - Change the Author of a book

/Book Title - Change the Title of a book

✓ /GetPos - Track your in-game Location

✓ /Seen - See how long ago a friend was last online

✓ /Nick - Give yourself a nickname


✓ /GetPos - Display your location in the world

✓ /Skull - Spawn in custom player skulls to decorate your home.

✓ /PTime- Change your time of day.

✓ /PWeather- Change your weather.

✓ AFK Kick Exempt