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What is Community Builder?

Community Builders will get a special prefix icon next to their current rank in the chat bar.


Here are some recommended requirements and tips for when you apply.

You must be active on the server with a good playtime. We are looking for players that have spent at least 48 hours time or more on the server.

  • Have the recommended 48 hours or more gameplay time.
  • A high town rank position. E.g Mayor/Co-Mayor/Assistant/Helper/VIP
  • Already building incredible structures in survival mode!
  • Able to share a portfolio of creations if not already on the server.
  • Website account/Discord.
  • Great building skills.
  • A clean punishment record.


  • Creative mode. /gamemode 1
  • Survival Mode. /gamemode 0
  • This is not a special rank! You will keep your current rank with the included creative mode to help build community areas such as towns. You will also get an icon next to your player name so players know you are a "Community Builder".

Apply Here

Applications are open all 24/7. Click Me...

You may submit only 1 application per month.


  • Breaking server rules.
  • Inactive for a long period of time.