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Warp Rail Link
Rail Link Nether.png

Get around Village Craft 8 blocks faster in the Nether!

Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Rail link? Yes
StarGate? No
Nearest point of interest Unknown
Please contribute the coordinates for this warp.


To get there type /warp RailLink

Nether Rail Link

Nether Rail link was Originally created for the town Plazstone. Credit to the designers and architecture - 16.png PlazmaKG and 16.png Bluesting_Stone. The Nether Rail link is being re-created independently by 16.png PlazmaKG to improve the looks as well as the travel speed! Towns that are currently connected to this new railway are Plazstone, Emerald Cove, and Blazendel. More are to be linked!

Century Travel Agency - Overworld Rail Link

The Century Travel Agency aims to connect all major Towns in the overworld via minecarts raik tracks.

On the 1st of September 2017 CenturyTA town was founded by 16.png GeoffTheDinosaur with the goal of creating a huge minecart network.

Currently they have connected CenturyTA to Emerald Cove.