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Cities Randleton

One of the first largest towns of VC8.

Founder 16.png Pierrendeman
Contributors 16.png Maddigan3
Nation Unknown
Ruins? No {Is currently a District of Oakville)
Public access? Yes
StarGate? Yes
Coordinates X=2486
Dimension VC8
Nearest warp Randleton
Version VC8
Map link


Randleton was founded around November 2016 on VC8 by Player 16.png Pierrendeman. Originally a very small NPC village, the town grew slowly at first, to what it is today.

It's currently a semi-ruin under the protection of Plazstone. It had the distinction of being one of the most populated towns twice in it's lifetime, being number one in the list more than once.

Randleton was eventually given to another Player Dill (16.png Maddigan3), who renamed it Roxerhilthe. The town lost many members and eventually came to ruin before 16.png PlazmaKG rescued it from greifers by making it an outpost of Plazstone(later switched to Oakville).

The original theme of the town was quasi-medieval, with some liberties taken on actual architectural periods. Over time the Town grew to almost city-size to include new builds from different periods such as English Edwardian for example. Before it changed name, it included modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks for players to live in.

Because of it's chaotic layout, reminiscent of actual old British and European towns, the city didn't lend itself very well for creating clear and precise player plots, with many homes overlapping in the town blocks. Because it was built upon with each period added, it could become crowded and difficult to navigate around if a player was unfamiliar with the city.

To help with the (then) expansive size and layout, an underground rail network was added by the mayor and several other very helpful players. The rail system had many stations that connected the Downtown city, farms, Harbour, Prospect Pines and Zoo to the central hub, making navigation simpler. Randleton is also connect to the Warp Rail system that runs through the Nether connecting it to Plazstone, Haven and many other towns/cities.

The town includes serveral districts and points of interest within the city:

  • Harbor - with a ship (R.N.S Snugglington) that never seemed to get build (the keel of which is still there in dry dock).
  • PVP Arena - a self-contained and roofed arena built to appease the violent tendencies of some the the residents. Watch your footing in there, or you may just end up in bed......rock.
  • Racetrack - A galloping good time was had by many players. Built as an oval with obstacles and it's own stables.
  • Zulili Gardens - Built for Zuli (a former resident) as a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city. It features fountains and a wedding pavilion. It also contains a working Stargate as a useful portal and object d' art against the wall.
  • The Museum of Modern Craft - An Ultra-Modern structure at the harbor, with no defining internal walls and no sense of logic. The T.A.R.D.I.S parked itself there for a considerable time for reasons unknown.
  • La Maison Funky du Brutalisme - Across the street from the Museum. This was a concept of Brutalist Architecture built by some obscure French designer and named thus. It's drab, grey and we don't think it had planning permission either.
  • Randeton University - for those by which knowledge is close to cleanliness...or godliness I don't know. Originally built by 16.png Zulili and moved brick by brick to Randleton from her own town when she moved.
  • Hospital - got an injury? they'll fix it, if you don't mind sitting in a minimalist waiting room for hours on end. No national health service here. You pay, you stay, no buts.
  • Bank of Randleton - still trading by this name to this day. For the finer things in life that only money can buy, you can visit here for an exorbitant loan.
  • Old Town Spawn - a castle in the heart of the city. It used to be the spawn for a good time, before it was considered too small. The spawn was later moved to the eGG-tower.
  • eGG Tower - A superlative 60's build designed to be reminiscent of the past's view of the future, now. Confused? A minimalist tower that's easier on the eye than most.
  • Prospect Pines - For those who balk at inner-city living, the suburban lifestyle here is more evenly spaced out than the rest. Only it comes at a price. Large homes with pools is what you get. South of the city, Prospect Pines represents what Randleton maybe should have been, who knows.
  • National Zoo - an experimental project designed to house all manner of animals and mobs. The Zoo was entangled in controversy due to bad management by Dill. Poor management and animal wellfare led to many of the Zoo's animals dying out. Visitor numbers were not as anticipated and the Blockfish documentary eventually lead to it's closure.
  • Grand Embassy Pavilion - including embassies from such towns as Evergreen and some now long gone towns. Centered around a lake with a fountain. Each Embassy has it's own style theme based on their own respective towns. The full pavilion was never quite completed- but who knows what the future holds.
  • Pi Manor - Pierrendeman's home, caught in a telematter transmutation accident. It was teleported away for a time then landed somewhere in the wild. It's still lived in by it's owner, reclaimed.

Proposed Developments

Aside from what was built, there were some proposed builds that never materialized.

  • Sports Stadium - Quite possible what would have been the largest structure in Randleton. Oval in shape and around 70 blocks high.
  • Beach Resort - Would have included a hotel with beach-front properties and a rail link.
  • Amber Links - Golf club for the rich.
  • Maddigan3's Mansion - Planned to be demolished, but considered by the town council as a home for the homeless NPC's


Picture of Randleton.
Picture of Randleton.