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This is a 3D render of all the Current Staff (30th March 2018). A huge thank you to O_Plazma_O for creating this graphic!

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Staff players are a special class of player with unique powers and responsibilities within the server. Staff members are dedicated players that have helped volunteer to make VCN a better place.

Staff Hierarchy

These ranks are in height order starting with Owner having the highest power:

Staff Players

Find the current staff list here: Staff Players


Staff's names appear in colour in the game chat.

Each Staff ranks are given specific power. Over time Staff that have achieved great success and dedication will be promoted.

Staff hold channel status in Discord.

Staff will also show their rank status in chat and tab.

Also see: Fallen Staff


Staff have limited powers. Only Head-Admin+ Will have access to every command in the game.

Admin or lower will be given special powers to help build/moderate the server.

Admins+ Will have more of a say compared to lower ranked staff.

Server access

Staff are able to login to the server during maintenance mode.

Only 16.png _Magno20_ has direct access to the server files.


Their primary role is to investigate reports of grief, repair griefed public buildings, and to support the the Community in their daily work of preventing grief and assisting players. They are also required to be role models and keep the server a clean and friendly environment.

This support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being available on Discord as well as in game frequently;
  • Investigating reports of grief using their special powers.
  • Offering advice and assisting in difficult moderator decisions;
  • Addressing any kind of problems players might have;
  • Repairing grief damage and little accidents;
  • Discovering and reporting server bugs to 16.png _Magno20_;
  • Maintaining discipline and solving complaints.
  • Admins + will ensure satisfactory performance and behavior among the moderators and lower, and dealing with any complaints

In addition to this, admins constantly work, both individually and together, to improve the server in a multitude of ways - from assisting in the planning of new megaprojects to plan fun events.

Staff will have access to creative mode and they will not spawn items, hand out freebies, or abuse any of their power.


16.png _Magno20_and Head-Admins + will discuss any possible promotions of lower ranks. The owner can promote and demote at any time.

Staff will be promoted based on their performance and contribution to the server.

There are only a handful of staff that have received full "OP" power. OP power is very hard to achieve.

MiniMod Appeals are events that take place on the server where every player has the right to apply to become a member of the staff team.


When staff break the rules or decide to leave they are demoted.

Once a staff member is demoted they will not be ranked up again, they will need to go through the MiniMod Appeals again. In some rare circumstances some staff do come back, but this is very rare.


Legacy Ranks

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