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Cranehale Stargate has allowed the VC8 town to grow. New players are able to travel to the town with ease.

A Stargate is an Einstein–Rosen bridge portal device that enables rapid travel between two distant locations. The devices first appear in the VC3. StarGates allow players to travel to entirely new worlds without the need of spaceships or any other type of technology.

There have been myths of a lost StarGate that enables travel to entirely new alien worlds. Currently, StarGates are used to connect large Towns together.

Obtaining a StarGate

Currently only 16.png _Magno20_ is able to place StarGates in Towns that are large in size.

StarGate Designs

There has been known to be many different styles of StarGates. It's still unknown who created the original technology. Legend has it an ancient race created the technology.


Late - 2013 - There were reports of alien beings coming out of Towny Realm StarGates. The name of these creatures was never known and it was rumored that there was a large fatality rate. It's possible that the 16.png Avacki20 caused StarGates in Towns to link with alien worlds. It's not clear how the portals were repaired but there were reports of a secret service that repair and look after alien technology through out Village Craft Network history.

Early - 2013 - The first StarGate was located in VC3. This gate was used for an experimental network to enable cheap travel between major Towns. Only select few towns are allowed a StarGate.


sbsSwGx.png A photograph of a known StarGate located in Plazstone.