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These are the teams that players support within the Towny Realm.

To select a team visit /Spawn and click the sign in front of the team you would like to join!


Teams are factions within the Towny Realm. These teams allow players to select their teams at /Spawn . Teams are completely optional.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders must maintain their team base. They are allowed to promote/demote and manage their team. Each team will have a secret base located in the Towny Realm. From time to time team leaders will be changed or voted in to ensure leaders are active.

Team Relationships

It's down to the team leader if they choose to work with a specific team or not. Team leaders are allowed to go to war with other teams. This includes PvP battles, griefing bases and raiding bases. Please make sure to never raid or grief towns.


Every leader is responsible for building a base for their team. Other teams are allowed to hunt down enemy bases and Raid/Greif them. Bases should not be built anywhere near Towns or in them. Teams are allowed to claim over other team bases.


Teams/Leaders must follow the rules: Click me...


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