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Warp When to use

Place this on any page suitable for the warps category. It will add the page to the category, as well as producing the handy info box.

Please do not use this for warp points which are designated for specific towns or buildings - they have their own infobox, with an optional warp specified. This infobox is specifically for warps that have no specific settlement or building associated with them, i.e. natural landscape features, or locations with only a single monument. If there is construction by more than one player, or if more than one building or monument exists here - it is a settlement, so use Template:Infobox_town instead.

Please don't attempt to alter the code for this template unless you really know what you're doing, and you have community consensus.


Copy the text below, paste it at the very top of the relevant article, and modify as appropriate:

{{Infobox warp
|title        = Unicorn Forest
|image        = Image.png
|caption      = View of the arrival point
|category     = Natural landscape
|underground  = No
|fortified    = No
|publicaccess = Yes
|roadlink     = Yes
|raillink     = Yes
|stargate     = No
|xcoord       = -1204
|ycoord       = 62
|zcoord       = 3028
|nearestpoi   = Magnos House
|dimension  = VC8_Nether
|version  = VC8

Or use this blank template:

{{Infobox warp
|title        = 
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|category     = 
|underground  = 
|publicaccess = 
|roadlink     = 
|raillink     = 
|stargate     = 
|xcoord       = 
|ycoord       = 
|zcoord       = 
|nearestpoi   = 
|dimension  = 
|version      =