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User LoveEmm
Original MC Name emma572
UUID 3911291e-17ce-410f-80be-a120e491179b
First joined VC3
Towns Lumos, Haven, PandaLanda
Rank Admin
Staff Player? Yes
Fallen Staff? No
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Emma, more commonly referred to as "Emm," is currently an Admin on Village Craft. She joined the server during VC3, which was in 2013, and has been playing ever since. During VC3 she became the first ever Mini-Mod, and eventually worked her way up to Head-Admin. However, Emm took a hiatus extending over several years due to personal reasons. The server drew her back in 2017-- where she became Mini-Mod again in December, Moderator in March 2018, and Admin in July. 

While on Village Craft, Emm has had a variety of different towns; her earliest named PandaLanda which she owned with RedPanda10 and Spawnchicken2. In VC8 she created a new town called Lumos-- which has now become the outpost of her current town, Avis. It is also noted that she helped out in Haven in earlier versions of Village Craft.

Her bestfriend is Plazma, and she can often be found flying around with him! She also has an alt, LoveDraco.

Time Line

  • Thursday 19th July 2018 - Become Admin rank.
  • Sunday 4th March 2017 - Became Moderator rank.
  • 20th December 2017 - Became Mini-Mod