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User _Magno20_
Known as Magno
Gender Male
Location England
Nationality British
Minecraft Birthday 4th February 2012
First joined VC1 - 10 February 2012
First building Magno's Home
Towns Haven, Olus, MegaVille
Team Neutral
Rank Owner
Staff Player? Yes
Builder? No
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He is the creator of all things Village Craft!

_Magno20_ is the founder of Village Craft Network. He is generally hailed as the server's God.


_Magno20_ created the server with zero knowledge at all. The server was originally created for his school friends to play together. The server was created after 6 days of him joining Minecraft.

The server was originally called "Village Craft" however later on the server was renamed to "Village Craft Network" in addtion to new realms such as Towny, PVP, VTA, Creative and the Hub.


_Magno20_ has a strong passion for technology and running a Minecraft server!