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User PlazmaKG
Known as Plazma
Gender Male
Location The United States of America
Nationality American
DOB 23 September 2000
UUID 7bd8828f-8d44-4630-b26a-f00d81aa3a77
First joined Early VC8
First building His house in Plazstone
Towns OakVille, Plazstone, Zornox, Cambridge
Rank Head-Admin
Staff Player? Yes
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He is a Head-Admin on the server and loves to build towns, even some that aren't his own. He loves to have nice and peaceful conversations with players and is a very kind person to talk to. He is the Owner of Plazstone and Oakville,and the Spensonia and Ustria nations on the server! (Ustria is also owned by 16.png GeoffTheDinosaur) He was also the owner of Abyss and Zornox which are now Outposted along with Randleton by Oakville

Designer and creator of the great Rail Link

His alts are 16.png MahaustyKG and 16.png CryptoKG


  • Sunday 4th March 2018 - Became Head-Admin rank.
  • 31st October 2017 - Became Admin rank.
  • Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Became Moderator rank.
  • Sat 12th August 2017 - Became Mini-Mod rank.


Plazma's latest staff render from March 2018!
Plazma's latest render for his skin from May 2018!