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User Ozzylad123
Known as CaptainOzzy
Original MC Name olli0122359
Gender Male (currently)
Nationality Gallifreyan
Occupation Community Builder
UUID 6d26e517-f1c4-40ab-ab2f-6704596697f8
First joined Unknown
First building Ozzy’s Home - Plazstone
Buildings Westport City, Ozzy’s lil’ house - Plazstone and various landscaped gardens throughout the server.
Towns Westport and Plazstone
Rank Titan
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CaptainOzzy is a young timelord. After crashing into vcn, his memory was lost until 16.png appstarr torchered him into a regeneration. Previous regenerations knew CaptainOzzy as a scandalous nobody that was a top criminal in space. However, Nowadays, Ozzy is on the run from the galactic supreme court. As much as we know about CaptainOzzy, this is the extent to our knowledge, and for now, we can only hope for the best.


26th August 2018 - Arrived at the VillageCraft planet. 31st August 2018 - Created Westport Town along with 16.png xxxPowergirlxxx 19th September 2018 - Became a Community Builder.