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map VC1
VC1 Spawn IMG1.jpg

Screenshot of Spawn

Owner 16.png _Magno20_
Contributors 16.png A_BritishFellow 16.png Jamess007007
Started 10th February 2012
Coordinates X=-1
Dimension VC1
Map link


The first map ever in Village Craft!! The world was created by 16.png _Magno20_, 16.png A_BritishFellow and 16.png Jamess007007.

This map was originally for 16.png _Magno20_ and his school friends to connect and play together during Minecraft version 1.1. The players above started building the first version spawn for Village Craft. Sadly this map had many chunk glitches and errors and was later reset for a newer world. This map was very important because it allowed the server to evolve and grow with a wealth of new features.

Due to the lack of knowledge of Minecraft server hosting 16.png _Magno20_ kept VC1 pure Vanilla. VC1 was kept very simple. It was also later used to test plugins before upgrading to VC2.


Picture of Spawn.