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Current Lobby
Towny Realm - Build your own town! Rail Link to Spectrum


Short Description

The Village Craft Network is a friendly Minecraft server that welcomes to everyone. Our best feature is Town building! The server was created by 16.png _Magno20_ with help from the server community.


Server IP:

Server Website: Click Me..


What is Village Craft?

Village Craft is a UK based server, owned by 16.png _Magno20_. This server is centered around Towny, where players can join, build and even make towns of their own! You can also build a Nation with your town and bring friendly towns into your nation. Or maybe you're leaned towards war? You decide!

16.png _Magno20_ & 16.png QueenNicole infront of their podium at spawn

What else you got?

Besides Towny, we have dedicated staff that engages the community with fun server roleplays and events.

Is that it?

But wait! There's more! We also have a vote system which gives you a "vote key" for Crates. You can earn Armour, Weapons and a whole bunch of items! Maybe if you're lucky you can even earn some more valuable keys!

VC8 - /Warp Crates

Why should I join?

We have the most welcoming and helpful staff by far compared to a majority of servers. Each of them are trained and hand picked by their experience and potential. The community is as close as it could ever be, once you're in, you're hooked. I can say from personal experience, Village Craft (VC) is the best server for anybody looking for a fair and close knit community.

- "Written and credit to 16.png SpicyVibes" - Updated by 16.png _Magno20_ P.s. We hope to see you soon!


Orignal write up by 16.png SpicyVibes : Click Me...