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Now called the Village Craft Network.


Village Craft was the original name for the server established on the date 10th February 2012.

The original Village Craft gameplay can still be played in the Towny Realm.


Village Craft was later changed to Village Craft Network during July 2014, once they started networking servers together.

10th February 2012 - 16.png A_BritishFellow promoted the idea to open up our little Minecraft server for the public in the name of Village Craft. Before Village Craft, the server was just for 16.png _Magno20_

and his school friends to play Minecraft without fear of following other server rules or griefers. 16.png _Magno20_ took up the idea and started developing the server for public players in the name of Village Craft. VC1 was born.
This is a copy of one of the promotional cards during 2012/2013 of VC3. This card was printed out and handed out at Minecon 2012.