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Hello Village Crafters!

Big thank you to Razzy and Birchly or organising an easter event! 

For Easter @Birchly is hosting an Easter event for everyone! There are easter baskets placed all over the map with keys to our special easter crates! You can get to the easter crates by doing ./warp eastercrates ! There will also be other activities like pvp battles that can get you keys to the easter egg crates! if you have any questions or concerns about anything please message @Birchly . Have a wonderful Easter everyone! :rabbit: :kissing_heart:

You can contact the Staff on Discord:

Also we have a 30% sale on all shop items!! Ends 19th Wednesday 2017!


16 Apr 2017, 11:47 0 | 1
Hello Village Crafters,

Big thank you to the entire Staff/Builder team for helping to create a brand new spawn! We have changed the entire layout and theme. Hope you like it!!

Staff are now merging the new spawn to the current map. Warps and areas are being updated as I write this!


13 Apr 2017, 16:20 0 | 2
Hello Village Crafters,

We have recently had problems with fraud links being sent to staff members. 

These links look very realistic and often ask you to sign into your Mojang/Minecraft account, or it could be another website asking you to sign in.

If you receive a fake link via on VCN or Discord please don't click them! Report the player to myself and I will investigate.

I can't stress enough please don't click links from members of the server you don't know. 

This also known as "Phishing". Definition:  The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

11 Apr 2017, 13:33 0 | 1
Hello Village Crafters,

Some of you might have been experiencing crashes, chunk issues, and map problems.

The problems has been sorted. We have rolled back the map back to the time 22:28, 9th April 2017. This means any blocks placed after this time will not be there on the map. Staff can restore this for you! 

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

10 Apr 2017, 09:46 0 | 3
Hello Village Crafters,

We're having a big sale on Elite Rank! Get 30% OFF! Elite Towny Realm Realm Rank!

 Ends April 10, 2017!


30 Mar 2017, 10:41 0 | 3