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Hello Village Crafters,

Limited time sale!!! Get 25% off on all RANKS/ITEMS on the Village Craft Network store!!!

This sale will end on the 24th February 2017! 

Click me...

20 Feb 2017, 10:15 0 | 1
Hello Village Crafters,
Big thank you to everyone who applied to become a MiniMod staff member. We have had a larger volume of appeals than normal!!

Happy Valentines Day! 

Congrats to the winners!


We will have further appeals later in the future!

14 Feb 2017, 05:07 0 | 3
Hello Village Crafters,

Village Craft Network is now 5 years old!! To celebrate we have opened all the Towny old maps!! To visit the maps type /VCNA 
VCNA Realm to close on the 17th February 2017! 

When did you join?


10 Feb 2017, 18:54 3 | 8
Hello Village Crafters,

The poll is now open!! 

You MUST be logged in first in order to vote!! 

Click me to vote!! 

Congrats to the players that made it to the poll! Great appeals!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to appeal!! It was a very hard appeal so many people applied! 

1. ImLouLou 
2. Vicrose 
3. Pierrendeman 
4. Kawaii_Kitten_12 
5. Birchly 
6. The_Mad_Engineer 
7. SlumberSushi 
8. LilInWonderland
9. QueenPoteyto 
10. Velexia_Heart


Please don't advertise your votes!! Any fishy voting we may remove your player from becoming MiniMod.

Good Luck!

06 Feb 2017, 22:29 0 | 5
Hello Village Crafters!
I have some great news!!!! 

Towny Realm is now 1.11.2!!!! Please only connect to Village Craft using 1.11.2! WOOO Llamas! 
  • There are some plugin changes!
  • Pets - Have been replaced with a new pet plugin.
  • Auctions are gone - Will be back later!
  • Sign Edit - Will be back later! 
  • Sign Commands - Will be back later! 
  • Marry - Will be back later!
  • Particle Effects/Gadgets - Currently broken with 1.11.2 but will be back later!
  • Towny - Has been updated to the latest version. You might find some new commands!
Since we have just updated there are possibly unknown issues and bugs!! Please report any to myself _Magno20_ or staff members. 
MiniMod appeals are officially closed!! The poll will be on the forums - Tuesday 7th February 2017. 

06 Feb 2017, 12:26 0 | 3