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Hello Village Crafters,

Great news!! The Activities Realm is running 1.11.2!!

Towny Realm is still running 1.10.2 however very soon this realm will be updated to 1.11.2!!

Why the holdback? The reason why I have decided to hold back is so plugin developers have time to update their plugins for 1.11.2. With the multi-version support, it's been easy for us to wait for stable versions ready for 1.11.2! 
Towny Realm is the most popular realm, so it's important we can maintain and keep that realm stable. The Activities Realm allows us to ensure the Network is stable before the Towny Realm is fully upgraded. 

By the end of this month, the entire network should be running 1.11.2! 
Broken items in the Activities Realm:
So far only cosmetic commands such as particles/gadgets are not working but will be added soon! 
Please report bugs on the forum if you find any!!
Activities Realm:  Version 1.11.2
Towny Realm: Version 1.10.2 (Supports 1.11.2 Connections)

06 Jan 2017, 13:58 0 | 2
Hello Village Crafters,

It's been one incredible year!! 

Firstly we launched another brand new Towny map known as VC8! BIG thank you to all the Staff and players that helped produce this incredible map!!! 

We also introduced many new fun features! Activities Realm was created in replacement for the Creative Realm. Many new plugins, commands, and features were added too! 

I want to take this moment to thank every Staff, Builder and community player that has helped keep our server going! The staff team put so much time and effort into the server and are absolutely incredible people! Next time you see them, please give them a huge thank you! They help keep the server in ship shape order. Without the staff team and builders, it would be so much harder to keep the server a fun and happy place to all!

I also want to thank every community player too! You are the server and allow us to create and add more to the server. Without regular players the server would be empty and lack in fun! From Town mayors, residents, team leaders, premium and guests if we didn't have you the server would not be here!! Thank you to everyone who puts time and effort into the server!! It means so much!! 

I want to wish everyone a Happy new year in 2017!! I look forward to bringing new content and updates to the Village Craft Network!!! See you all in 2017! 

31 Dec 2016, 12:40 0 | 3
Hello Villagers,

You can now get 25% off on all items on the shop!!

Click me to go to the shop.... 



19 Dec 2016, 11:27 1 | 3
Hello Villagers,

We are having a free RANK GIVEAWAY! 

How to win! It's simple! You must vote for the server!

The 1st place top voter of this month will be given guardian rank.
 If the top voter is currently Legend, Elite, Guardian or staff the top voter will go to the next player with a free rank.


Winners will be announced towards the end of the month! 
The monthly data has been reset from today! 

Close Date: 31st December 2016! (New Years Eve)

Ingame commands:
List vote websites: /Vote Sites
See top voters of this month: /Vote Top​

Congrats To Winner: 

14 Dec 2016, 10:40 2 | 15
Hello Village Crafters,

It's time to bring team leaders to the Towny Realm!

Current faction team leaders needed: Optic, Vortex, Nova

What are faction team leaders?
Faction team leaders are the individuals selected in order to represent their faction as a whole. These faction leaders are given permission to lead their faction. Their role is to make their faction the best and strongest faction on the server! 

What do faction team leaders do?
Team leaders are repsonsible for organzing group events for their factions, building bases, and claiming land for their faction. These leaders will be recognized by their faction as the leader. Team leaders will promote friendly challenges to other factions, promote teamwork, and truly represent the faction. 

How long are you team leader for?
The staff team will have planned events for the election of faction team leaders. Depending on the leaders, the appeals may be sooner or later. For example, if a team leader is removed for breaking the rules, we may open up new appeals or select a runner-up from the last appeals; that is, if they would still like to be the faction team leader.

Is this a staff rank?
This is NOT a staff rank. You can apply for staff in the future, just like any other player. However, if you are elected as a faction team leader and you do well, it may help your chances to become a staff member on the Village Craft Network.

This is a voluntary role; it is completely optional. At any time, the staff team can remove you from the position of faction team leader if we feel you are breaking the server rules. As a faction team leader, you must NOT claim, build bases, grief, attack and/or raid near OR in any land claimed by towns. This applies to ALL players as well. If at anytime you are confused, you can contact the staff team through discord or through the server chat. Leaders are allowed to battle, claim, greif and/or raid other teams bases. Targeting innocent players is not acceptable. Leaders are encouraged to persuade new players to join their team. Remember: switching teams is NOT allowed. You will NOT get any special priveliges from the staff team.

You must have played on the server for more than 12 hours. To check the amount of time that you have played, type /ar check in chat.
You must be on discord! Click here to join:
You need to have purchased the Legend or Elite rank. 
Please note: Punishment records that indicate bypassing the swear filter, targeting and upseting players, and rule breaking may lower your chance to be selected for this position.

What we are looking for:
Active players that are respectful towards each other and are able to handle defeat maturely.
Positive players that understand how important it is to not to take PVP/griefing too far. 
Players that include everyone in their team fairly. 

How to format your appeal:
You MUST include the following:

What rank are you in the Towny Realm?

What faction/team are you currently in?

What do you think makes a good team leader?

How would you react if your team base was raided and 

Please give us some additional information about yourself. Use complete sentences and be specific.


✅  Appeals open 6th December 2016:
✅  Appeals close 16th December 2016 (EXTENDED) :
✅ Staff decide on the 3 candidates from each team (if possible) and announced on 16th December 2016
✅ Polls open for everyone to vote for winning candidates on 16th December 2016.
✅  Poll to close on 23th December 2016 and new leaders announced!
(These dates may be changed. Please check this forum for updated dates.)

To vote connect to the Towny Realm and click on the chat box for the leaders! 

Teams leaders in the poll:




05 Dec 2016, 12:20 7 | 56