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Hello Village Crafters,

Welcome to VCN'S first official skin contest!!  This is your chance to get your hands on some rare crate keys!


Contest Theme = Halloween 🎃 👻

The theme of this contest will be anything spooky, scary or just plain weird that is associated with Halloween. For those of you who need clarification,here's a little synopsis thanks to Wikipedia:

"Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films."

1. Create Original Player Characters - Please don't copy other peoples skins and it must be brand new!

2. Skins must be valid, use-able character skins.

3. Submit something you made. Please don't copy someone else's skin or submission! Keep it unique. 

4. One entry per person.

5. The contest will close on the 28th October!! Any skin posted after the 28th October will not be valid. Judges will need time to pick the best skins. Winner will be announced on the 31st October! 

6. Take your time, and make it fun!

Give your skin some character! Give him/her a name, and maybe a backstory. Give them some defining characteristics. Make it unique and awesome! Remember you have until the 28th You don't need to put something up right away - and even if you chose to, you're allowed to update your submission as many times as you want before the final close date of the 28th. 


Opens: 13th October 2017
Submissions close: 28th October 2017
Winners announced:  31st October 2017

How to enter

Since we don't allow direct file uploading to this site, please use imgur to share your skin. You are welcome to submit visual screenshots of you wearing the skin. Please make sure to show us a good clear example of front, sides and back of the skin.

Upload your screenshots here and share the links below:
Please include any optional backstory in your reply to this thread below. Your submission must be made below or it will not be counted.


1st Place.
  • 1 x SUPER Rare Halloween Gun!
  • 1 x Gold Crate Key.
2nd Place.
  • Level 2 Flyblock
  • Iron Crate Key.
3rd Place.
  • Level 1 Flyblock.
  • Coal crate key.
Please note if you lose these items once awarded we can't spawn them back in. 






09 Oct 2017, 21:23 5 | 28
Hello Village Crafters,

The spooky Mini-Mod appeals have landed! 🎃  👻  Click Me...

09 Oct 2017, 09:51 2 | 14
Hello Village Crafters,

This month's top voters! 

This month top 3 Voters:
1st. Starlashin
3rd. GeoffTheDinosaur

You will be given a Rare Gold Crate Key! This will be given when you next connect to the Towny Realm.

29 Sep 2017, 19:17 0 | 2

Hello Village Crafters,

There is now a 50% discount sale on all crate keys!! 

Ends 1st October 2017!

Go to the shop: Click Me... 


27 Sep 2017, 09:56 0 | 2

Hello Village Crafters,

2 new fly blocks have made their way into the Iron and Gold crate box!

You can also win an extra fly block in the vote crate.
  • Level 1 Block = This is given when you Vote. You are allowed to fly for 20 minutes in a radius of 20 blocks.
  • Level 2 Block = This is exclusive to the iron crate. You are allowed to fly for 60 minutes in a radius of 60 blocks.
  • Level 3 Block = This is exclusive to the gold crate. You are allowed to fly for 120 minutes in a radius of 120 blocks.

27 Sep 2017, 09:50 0 | 2