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Hello Villagers,

Another brand new map has been added!

Big shout out to JustKatiie for creating this map!!




02 Dec 2016, 11:09 1 | 5


Over this last week, I have been monitoring the performance of the Towny Realm. I have fixed the issue, and there will be no need to reset players inventories!

Feel free to play as normal! If there are further problems, please let me know!


01 Dec 2016, 10:04 0 | 2

Hello Village Crafters!

A new Christmas themed map Candy Cane Island built by KittyKite!

This map can be played. Just wait for the game to choose "Candymas" and you can play it! 







Legends now can trial out a brand new KIT. When you join any map Legends can select to have a brand new kit!! 

More kits will be coming soon and maps!! All players are welcome to build a map! Simply built it on a plot and let me know!


29 Nov 2016, 12:07 3 | 6


Due to recent lag within the towny realm there will be a refresh for the game mode inventories. 

This will mean your survival inventory is at risk of being reset!! Please lock important items inside a chest with /lock or store items in a player vault using /pv 1

This will take place UK time Friday morning. 

Thank you for understanding!

29 Nov 2016, 08:45 0 | 2

Hello Village Crafters!


Get 25% off when using the discount code: 


I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!

This discount code will last up until Sunday!!! If you don't redeem this code you will not get 25% off!!! IMPORTANT THAT YOU ENTER THIS CODE!

To apply the discount code paste the code into the redeem box as shown below.


25 Nov 2016, 09:51 0 | 1