Goodbye Village Craft Network

We have had a lot of fun creating Towns and Cities.

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Closing Day

Posted: Friday, 15th March 2019

Hello Village Crafters,

A huge thank you to everyone who logged on for the switch off! The server is now officaly closed.


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Older maps to return!

Posted: Monday, 11th March 2019

Hello Village Crafters,

The closure date is soon approaching. That being said, I would like to offer everyone the chance to visit their old towns and homes.

I have put together a server that can be accessed by using the command /vcna. For those who remember, this server was used to celebrate anniversaries, but today It will be known as the VCN Archive. You will be able to visit worlds from VC1 to VC7. You won't be able to edit these worlds.

Everyone will have access to the following commands:
/Fly - Toggle your flying power.
/Thru - Go through walls.
/Top - Jump to the highest block at your location.
/Tppos - Teleport to a given coordinate.
/Warps - View a list of warps to travel to.
/J - Jump to a nearby block.

The server will officially be switched off on Friday, 15th March 2019 at 9pm UK time.


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End of an era ⏳

Posted: Friday, 15th February 2019

Hello Village Crafters,

As you all know VCN is one of the oldest known Minecraft Servers running for almost 7 years! This is a very long time. VCN and Minecraft have meant so much to me and I have met some great people and built a community with the most passionate Minecraft players!

Official Closure date: Friday, 15th March 2019

VERY Short Story

2012-2014: Village Craft was created as a small server just for close friends to play. It wasn't until we decided to open up the server to the public it got its name. This was the prime of Minecraft and Village Craft's history. The biggest player count recorded was 64 players, during the VC3 map!

2015 - 2016: There were two maps refreshes known as VC5, VC6 and VC7.

2016 - 2019: VC8 was to be the last planned map for VCN and this has come true. This is our longest ever running map. With regular care from staff players, it has been the best map we’ve ever had with the least amount of griefs.

I hope I have answered most of your questions!

Why do you have to close!? This is a difficult question! I have been managing VCN for 7 years and it takes a lot of time and energy to maintain the server. VCN has been going for a very long time and I don’t have enough dedicated time to keep VCN to the standard that everyone loves. 7 years have gone quick! I never expected to keep doing VCN for 7 years.

When will the server close? I will keep the server online for 1 MONTH giving everyone the time to take screenshots of beloved towns and cities (This is heartbreaking for me to write). I know how much effort you have all put into building towns. Official Closure date: Friday, 15th March 2019.

What will happen to the maps? The server will close meaning the maps will NOT be accessible to anyone.

Can I get a copy of the map? I’m afraid I am not going to give the maps or files to anyone or for a cost. I don’t want any “Village Craft Network” clones being made.

Can I somehow get my town or buildings? I’m very sorry, but due to the large requests from players, this will be very hard to maintain. Sadly this won’t happen.

What about my lifetime rank or items? Lifetime ranks and items were advertised to be the lifetime of the server. If you have further questions please contact _Magno20_ through Email.

Can I download my artmap paintings? There is no feature that allows exporting. I suggest standing in front of the painting and screenshot it.

I am Banned/Muted can I come back? Nope, you have been banned or muted for a reason.

Can I buy Village Craft Network and own the rights? Nope. I don't want clones of the server. Make your own server and start with a brand new idea!

We certainly would not have made it this far without the help and support of the community. I thank you to everyone who has played, contributed as builders, leaders, staff, and donating for ranks/crate keys!

I want to say a personal thank you to everyone! I'm sorry for having to put an end to VCN. <3

It’s been awesome!



If you have any questions please contact _Magno20_ here.